Friday, May 22, 2015

Stripey 1870s

I made this dress originally for the ice cream social at Costume College 2014, and added an evening bodice for the August 2014 Gaskell ball.
I used the Truly Victorian 1870s bodice pattern. I originally wanted to use the longer waist but this pattern is ridiculously long, even when trimmed, and I ended up not liking the look. I went for a straight, earlier waistline instead. 

Playing around with trimming
Final version of bodice trimming

Skirt and underskirt before trimming
For the skirt and overskirt, I also used the Truly Victorian patterns. I lined the pouf of the overskirt with tulle for extra poofiness. 
The finished dress, paired with American Duchess Renior boots

I had a good amount of fabric left over, so I decided to make an evening bodice to wear to Gaskells. I tried to use the Janet Arnold early 1870d 
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And some finished shots:
Photo by Laurie Tavan
Photo by Anthony Agryriou
Era: Early 1870s
Materials: Cotton shirting, solid cotton, net lace, rayon ribbon, tulle for the pouf, twill tapes for bustle-ing
Cost: hahaha way too much but probably around $275 for the entire project?
Hours: Way too many to estimate
Accuracy: maybe 75%? I don't really mind the inaccuracies

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  1. Oh Kaila! I love the ball gown bodice! I love them both, but the ball gown one really is eye catching!! Very well done on this dress and the colors are fabulous!