Monday, December 2, 2013

A Visit to the Smith College Historic Costume Collection

This is waaaaaay long over-due post, seeing as I was back East before Halloween but anyhow while I was visiting Smith they let me loose in the historic costume collection. I got to about 1910 (their closets go chronologically) before the professor who I was meeting with had to go to set up an exhibit. Unfortunately, all I had on me was my phone for pictures and it was so hard to choose favorites to photograph but here are some of the ones I loved.
1860's ballgown bodice. The dress had a skirt with a border brocade pattern and a matching day bodice
An early 1900's evening bodice, complete with pigeon-breasted silhouette 

So much frilly

The details on this were amazing
It was so fun and informative to look through the collection, and I gained many new insights onto how to be more correct in my construction and finishing.