Monday, April 28, 2014

1838 Spring Green Ballgown

So the biggest, most expensive project I've ever undertaken is done! This gown was my contribution for the Hopeless Romantics group for the April Gaskell Ball. Our theme was the entire romantic period. but most people stuck to the 1830's. I was on the later end of the group.
The Facts:
Era: 1830s
Materials: silk taffeta, cotton twill, cotton cord, silk thread, steel bones
Cost: too much, but I'm guessing around $300
Time: I lost track but it was a lot
How accurate is it: 60%. I used a sewing machine and serger on this, as well as machine eyelets and totally modern linings. 

Oh the hair. I did an Apollo's knot using all my natural hair but it seems there aren't any decent photos of it. Anyhow, I used all my natural hair and some wire and almost all my hairpins. I just winged it because it doesn't show in my inspiration pic. The curls stayed intact even after dancing thanks to LottaBody. The flowers are a random assortment of spring silk flowers from the craft store with some branches. Cameo is a family piece. The gloves I'm wearing are from Lacis. 

The inspiration
Pretty much the only departures I took from this pic was that the dress is green, has lozenges, and a plain skirt.

photo credit: Natalie

A rainbow of floofiness

Shoe pic! photo: Vivien
I can safely say that I fully broke in my Gettysburgs. They're great for dancing but after a night on my feet in them I will definitely be putting in some arch support.

All the ladies in green!

The whole group as cupcakes

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A 1940s Blouse

First finished object of my giant 1940s sewing marathon!

Era: 1940s
Materials:  Reproduction quilting cotton, plastic buttons
Cost: about $25?
How accurate is it: 80% I used the serger a lot seeing as it's everyday clothing that need to get thrown in the wash and the fabric is a bit heavy

The front- pardon the messy sewing area

Not really true to color but yay buttons

Bonus Shot:
A very blurry selfie of the blouse with my Vivien of Holloway pinafore swing trousers

What's Up Next: My finished 1837 ballgown + plans for Costume College

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Great 1940's Sewathon!

I recently decided that I'm sick and tired of modern clothing. And I lack the funds to buy all the amazing vintage clothing I want. But what I do have is sewing skills, a pattern budget and a large stash!

The Goal: Sew as many 1940's garments as I can before heading off to college.

The Materials: Vintage patterns, repro patterns, stash fabric, repro cottons

What I want to make (This list will have items checked off as they are made)
3 Blouses
Landgirl-esque overalls
A playsuit
3 Skirts
2 Shirtdresses
1 dress TBD
1 Slip
2 pairs of tap pants

Patterns I plan to use (thus far):

Vogue 9405

Simplicity 4356
Wearing History "Dahlia" 
Wearing History Overalls and Pants
Wearing History "Smooth Sailing" blouse
Wearing History 1940s panties

Apologies for the Silence + Updates!

My apologies for the lack of posts! I have a huge amount of catching up to do so this post will mostly be a huge photo-dump.

photo by Chris Knight
A Cotton Ballgown?!?! I was so sick and tired of fighting with the cartridge pleats in my Romantic Era that I went out and bought a bolt of muslin and created an 1860's ballgown based on a dress I saw on Pinterest. 
The finished Lady Sybil Pants
The Pants a.k.a. I didn't know what I was doing but suddenly there were pants, pants.
Most of the pattern for the bodice was taken from the Laughing Moon pattern and the pants themselves are just large rectangle with the crotch shaping from some bloomers. The bodice is pretty heavily boned and closes in the back with hooks and eyes. The decoration on the bodice is actually where most of the work is. The costume on Downton was made using vintage trim, so I did my best to replicate it with a bunch of appliques cut from a larger lace-y panel. The belt is a strange metallic ribbon and there's beaded edging on the bodice.

I ultimately decided against lace
Progress on the Romantic Era: It has a bertha now and a bunch of other things. At this point I just need to sew on a lot of hooks and eyes and then starch and iron ALL the underthings.

Bonus shot of my and my totally intentional twin at the ball