Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Great 1940's Sewathon!

I recently decided that I'm sick and tired of modern clothing. And I lack the funds to buy all the amazing vintage clothing I want. But what I do have is sewing skills, a pattern budget and a large stash!

The Goal: Sew as many 1940's garments as I can before heading off to college.

The Materials: Vintage patterns, repro patterns, stash fabric, repro cottons

What I want to make (This list will have items checked off as they are made)
3 Blouses
Landgirl-esque overalls
A playsuit
3 Skirts
2 Shirtdresses
1 dress TBD
1 Slip
2 pairs of tap pants

Patterns I plan to use (thus far):

Vogue 9405

Simplicity 4356
Wearing History "Dahlia" 
Wearing History Overalls and Pants
Wearing History "Smooth Sailing" blouse
Wearing History 1940s panties

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