Thursday, May 28, 2015

Better Boobs for Kaila #2

Anyone with a Uniquely You dress form knows that while squishy and perfect for corseting, those forms have some weird boobs. Like, torpedo level weird.
I have several 18th century ensembles planned for Costume College this year, and trying to put my stays on my form made me realize that it was finally time to give her a new set of breasts.
I didn't have the suggested electric turkey slicer, so I just got a hacksaw from the shed and cut off the weird foam boobs. It's way easier to get these things out of their covers than it is to get them into them. After I put the cover back on, I filled the feet of a pair of pantyhose with rice, using my favorite and best fitting bra as a guide for size and shape. I then pinned the edges in place and stitched them down onto the cover. 
Squishy and able to have an accurate bust line! 
I'm really happy with how they came out, and how well they work in stays.


  1. Perfect! I've been meaning to figure out how what to do with the eye-stabbing boobs on my Uniquely You form, but hadn't figured it out yet. Going to have to try this!

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