Saturday, May 23, 2015

Peach 1850s Ball Gown

The lighting isn't very good at PEERS but it's worth seeing on. Photo by Christopher Erickson
I made the peach ball gown for the PEERS 12th Night ball in January. The ball gown was pretty much made during the first two weeks of my winter , continuing my unintentional tradition of a 2 week ball gown around Christmas.
Sketch and materials
I found a great peach Donna Karen silk from Mood online, and it was only $17 a yard so I had to have it. It's not exactly a taffeta, more like a taffeta-satin hybrid because of some floats in the weave. My inspiration: 
I used the Laughing Moon ball gown pattern and it is a great pattern. The flared sleeves don't restrict the arms at all, making it perfect for dancing. 
I put a ruched panel of silk organza down the front the of the bodice, as inspired by the fashion plate. I then trimmed it out with net lace, blue velvet ribbon, french brocade ribbon, and silk flowers 
I made the tiered version of the skirt, which was a ton of gathering, but I really like the results. 
I also made a matching silly 1850s headpiece from leftover ribbon and flowers. 
You can kind of see it here, don't mind the cricket bat
Period: Early to mid 1850s
Materials: Silk mystery fabric, silk organza, lace, rayon velvet ribbon, brocade ribbon, silk flowers
Accuracy: Maybe 75-80%? Most of the bodice was done by hand
Time: 2 weeks, no exact hour count
Cost: $200

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  1. So pretty! I admire how quickly you can make a costume. The rushing panel on front is especially lovely.