Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Bodacious Bustle

One undergarment down one to go! I used the Truly Victorian TV101 pattern and it went together easily. I'm not a fan of how it tilts back but I tried just about everything to fix it and no luck so I'll live with is and compensate with the petticoat
Era: Early 1870's
Materials: Steel hoop wire, Cotton-bamboo blend muslin, poly-cotton blend bias tape
Cost: eh like $50 maybe? The wire was $32 and I bought the muslin by bolt
Time: 5 hours I think. I cut it and started sewing but didn't really do a bunch on it until yesterday
How Accurate is it: 50%. I doubt they had cotton-bamboo blends back then. Or poly-cotton bias tape. 


  1. Awesomeness! You make me want to dig in to my Grand Bustle pattern. In terms of the tilting, have you tried taking in the front panels at the waistband? They look a little long. That might fix it.

  2. By the way, I have awarded you the Liebster Award! Check out the details at my blog.